2020 Inaugural Cruise

Arial photo of our MBTrueNorth Group at the 2020 soft open cruise
photo credit: Alvin Shen

A soft open in strange times

Well, we didn’t expect to start the season like this and certainly not so late, but that seems to be the theme around the world this year. On Sunday July 26th, 35 cars joined the 2020 soft open cruise for our season. Skies were blue, the weather was hot, and the cars were thunderous. It was great to see so many familiar faces, and some new ones as well. 

Although this cruise was the first one of the season, it was not our official Season Open (which was originally scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd, wow!) but acted as the soft open to see how our group could handle new social-distancing restrictions. Needless to say, things went pretty well. 


MBTrueNorth Soft open cruise start at Premium Outlets
photo credit: Dilu Kalsi

After grouping up in the Toronto Premium Outlet parking lots (shoutout to the security guard who gave us our very own lot) our convoy of three-pointed-stars snaked through the twisty roads of Halton Hills. I don’t recall if we had ever driven this route before with such a large group, but everything went smooth. At the lead was club President Tim and family in the GL, who navigated us through his familiar roads, as I kept the group bookended with my SL600. In between us, you could hear pops and bangs, burbles, and all sorts of sounds that only could come from a slew of AMG’s and tuned Benzes. A few opportunities to stretch the legs of our cars reminded us all why we choose this brand. 


MBtrueNorth soft open cruise snaking along
photo credit: Dempsey Rarung

We drove for about 2 hours before ending up at Marble Slab in Burlington for some much-needed ice cream on a 32*C day (hey, isn’t not always easy being in a convertible!) It was great to see some members of a CLA club join in, long time friends, and some members who we’ve yet to meet in person but have shared countless posts on Facebook. We couldn’t have asked for a better 2020 soft open cruise!

CLA Club
photo credit: Nicholas Chum

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