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Welcome to our MB family!

Join Canada’s largest Mercedes-Benz enthusiast club to get access to the best parts and services, track days, VIP events, and other exclusive opportunities. All this and more awaits you when you join the MBTrueNorth family.  Ready to join? Order your membership now!

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Your Benefits

All our memberships give you access to the benefits below during our season.

Your membership gives you access to all our events throughout the season. While some of these events are public, there are some exclusive ones just for our members. Below are some of those:

  • Member-Only Cruises
  • Detailing Events
  • Member BBQs
  • Dyno events

Click here to view our events page with full details about the upcoming season.

Let’s face it, maintaining your pride and joy is your top priority. We have a curated list of sponsors that will provide you with the best products and services to keep your car on the road.


Click here to check out our sponsor page for full details. 


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Priority Admission To Exclusive Events

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to bring members to some truly incredible events. These are highly exclusive and are offered, first, to members. Some of those events could be:

  • Motorsports event packages
  • AMG Academy access
  • Rallies 
  • and more!

To help support the club, we offer merchandise for purchase throughout the year. This includes jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, scarves, hands, and more! Membership save on all purchases.

Stand out from the crowd and get first dibs on our DESIGNO apparel. This collection is only offered once per season in highly-limited numbers. Styles and colours will not be repeated so you can be unique!

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